Who will win? Ph.D. Benfica accepts Felix to leave the team.



Louis Felipe Vieira, Big Boss, Benfica revealed that he holds Felix a distant future wing, wants to say goodbye to the team, and identifies the club trying to persuade him not to move. But it is not effective บาคาร่าออนไลน์


    Luis Felipe Vieira, president of Benfica, a club in the Primera Liga, Portugal, said that they lifted their Felix wing Want to move out of the team Among the news that he is interested in many famous teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City etc.


    20 goals and 11 assists from all 43 matches in the 2018-19 season, despite his first season with Benfica's big team, Felix received Regarded as one of the brightest stars in this era He was also called to the Portuguese national team, which Benfica set up a contract for the 19-year-old football to reach 120 million euros (about 4,320 million baht).


    Vieira said, "We have talked to the players. Which he said - the president, I have the opportunity to get 5 million euros (per season, about 180 million baht per season). President, don't hold me with the team anymore - hold Felix used to have a contract fee of 60 million euros (about 2,160 million baht), but after 2 or 3 games, we knew immediately that we had to increase the contract fee to 120 million euros. "


    "so anyway Finally, the most competent decision maker holds that Felix will stay with the team or not, his family. (Media that Felix's family finally decided to let the team move, even though Benfica didn't want to sell it). If someone had paid 120 million euros, it didn't have to be a dream that he would stay with. Team continues "


    "We try to do everything in order to let him stay with us. But the only way to be that is that we sell him, with the option to borrow him to use before 1 season. If not, then it will be separated with the team immediately. It has no chance to negotiate anything. Because he didn't want to negotiate with the team again, Benfica would negotiate with someone who received an offer from another team that gave him 6 million euros (about 216 million baht). How? Which is also the amount of tax deductible