Everton opens the official submission price for Saha



The media of good news hit Everton, opening a proposal to buy the official Wilfried Saha, but the numbers are far from Crystal Palace. Ufabet


     Everton submitted a proposal of 55 million pounds (about 2,145 million baht) to buy Wilfried Sahaf, Wally Crystal Palace, as reported by Sky Sports, the British media on Sunday. 28 July ago


    However, it is believed that "Prasat Ruean Kaew" will certainly reject the offer. Because it is far from the location, must have at least 80 million pounds (about 3,120 million baht)


    The 26-year-old midfielder clearly expressed his desire to bid farewell to the Palace during the opening of the market this summer. To find new challenges But the agency didn't let it go easily After having rejected the offer of 40 million pounds (about 1,560 million baht) from Arsenal already


    Sahah scored 10 goals in the Premier League last season. It also has statistics to create opportunities for team-mates to score as many as 54 goals and reach 102 times.