Waist, revealing the words of Fergie before the year 2008



Patrice Evra stated before playing the final match of the Champions League Season 2007-08. Sir Alex Ferguson aroused the players by talking about the team's friendship. Before the final "Red Devils" will win the championship Ufabet


    Patrice Evra, former top-left back of Manchester United, the giant club of the English Premier League stage, revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary Scottish team manager Speaking to stir up the team before playing the UEFA Champions League final of the 2007-08 season with the strong friendship of the team.


    Manchester United is determined to win the "Big Ear" cup that season. After never having touched the champion again since the 1998-99 season, they were finally able to achieve Chelsea's victory in the penalty shootout of the Blacks.


    Waist revealed that "At that time we were sitting in the dressing room. Then the boss came in. Which, then, we closed the song that was opened like every time, the room was quiet, the kind that if the needle fell to the ground, you would hear the sound clear


    "After that, Ferguson said that - I had already won - which his words were confusing. - What is he saying crazy? The game hasn't started yet. - Then Ferguson turned to me and said - Let's see Patrice. He has 24 siblings. Imagine that his mother had to be tired. Just than to put all the food on the table - "


    "Then he turned to Wayne Rooney and said - Let's see Wayne. He must grow up in one of Liverpool's most difficult areas of life - followed by turning to Park. Shee-Sung and said - Let's look at him. He must come far from South Korea. - "


    "When the boss talks about our lives We began to realize that he was communicating our friendship. We are not just a normal football team, but we are people from all over the world. And now we are in Moscow to chase the same goal "