Messi revealed that the only person who asked to exchange the shirt first



Lionel Messi Starr Asulograna Revealing the name of the only kicker who ever asked to exchange the shirt by himself throughout his career in football. Normally, the shooting star, blue-white, will agree to exchange the set with only the competitor players who have spoken first. However, most recently, Messi went to interview with TYC Sports, the home sports TV station. ความโดดเด่นของเว็บพนันออนไลน์UFABET


By specifying the only player he wishes to exchange for the shirt is the legendary Zidane Zidane, the French midfielder who currently plays as the Real Madrid boss of the rival team of all time. UFABET


"I have never requested anyone to exchange a set of clothes before. Normally, competitors always come to exchange first. But once I asked to exchange a kit from Zidane. If I met an Argentine player on a rival team, I would exchange the shirt with them. But I would only do that if those people requested it. I have never spoken of exchanging a race suit with anyone except the sedan, "said 32-year-old Messi.


However, Josep Bartome, president of the Barcelona club, has confirmed that the talented star Argentin will be linked to the local football market. Ban for at least 5 years, although before there was news that the genius player can cancel the contract at any time after the end of the season.


Messi's contract expires in June of 2021.


Messi has a program to serve the Argentina national team. In a warm-up game with an important match Brazil national team Forever rival to South America Both of them will go to fight as far as Saudi Arabia. On this Friday (15 Nov) at 00:00 hrs.