Dodgy! 2 Arsenal footballers stand to cover important football fans.



Matteo Guen Do Dose and Alex Ivoby 2, Arsenal, stand up to the fans inadvertently. When their team got a penalty in the game against Manchester United, the spectators had to shout for both to hurl themselves. So that they can watch this rhythm


    Matteo Guen Do Dose and Alex Ivoby, 2 stars, kicked Arsenal on the stand by the fans. Pierre-Emmerich Obamien, the Gabonese striker, is about to shoot a penalty in the English Premier League game in which "The Cannonball" opens the Emirates Stadium, defeating Manchester United. 2-0 on Sunday 10 March ago UFA365ดีไหม


    Such rhythm is considered a very important rhythm. Because at that time only one resident By that time, Endei and Ivoby and some parts of Arsenal were warming up at the side of the field. They decided to look at this penalty spot as suspense.


    However, the angle that Guen Dose and Ivoby stood up to cover all Arsenal fans until many cheers shouted for them to bend down. Which both listen to the needs of the fans by dropping to the floor immediately. Make the disciples of the famous London team sound great. Both of them also perform push-ups to show